XSR Telemetry / VTX / PID Tutorial (on F4)


You might have heard, seen or red it, switching your VTX channel with Taranis Radio is now possible! When i first saw this feature, one thing crossed my mind immediately: I need to have it. If you feel the same way, follow this article and enjoy this great feature.

Within this tutorial you will learn how to setup your quad and your Taranis, to switch the VTX channel as well as setting PIDs. On top of this,  Step 1 will be helpfull for those people who did not get the telemetry port working on an F4 setup. Just do Step 1, Step 2 and the Telemetry part of Step 4 and your Taranis will display all the information your might have missed in the past.

One note at this point, i can not cover a lot of different FC types within this tutorial. Do not hasitate to ask questions if you are unsure if this will work with your FC in the same way.

Big thanks to

Before i start with the real contet, a big thanks to all the people who have discovered and documented all the single parts i need to research to get this stuff working. The only thing i did myself, was collecting all the information in one place, do a full setup and give it to you.

Todo: I need to add a set of links to all the sources, i have not had the time yet, please excuse the inconvenience.

Parts used in this Tutorial

  • Hardware:
    • Flip32 F4 Flight Controler (i still have to many of them 😉 )
    • FrSky XSR Receiver
    • ImmersionRC Tramp VTX
    • TBS Unify PRO VTX
    • TARANIS Radio X9D Plus
    • Micro USB Cable (FC)
    • UBS Cable (Radio)
  • Software
    • Betaflight Configurator (
    • OpenTX Companion 2.2.0N362 (Nighly builds)
    • LUA Scripts

Known Bugs

Thers is currently a known bug in OpenTX (#4560) which is preventing the execution of LUA scripts. Please keep this in mind, when you only see “—” in your screen and VTX Settings do not save, you found the bug 😉 Google the bug, download the correct script, put it on the Taranis SD Card and you are done.

Installation Steps Overview

  1. Prepare your XSR (Optional for non-inverted S.Port FC, in my case UART3 on the Flip32 F4 )
  2. Solder your RX
  3. Solder your VTX
  4. Prepare your Flight Controler
    1. Upgrade to Betaflight 3.1.5 or higher
    2. Take care of Betaflight Settings
  5. Setup your Radio
    1. Firmware Update
    2. Install LUA Scripts
    3. Checking Telemetry
    4. Checking PID Settings
    5. Checking
  6. Have fun with your new awesome feature

Step 1 – Prepare the XSR

If you also own a flight controler with no S.Port inversion, you need to connect an RX with an non inverted Signal. Unfortnately the XSR S.Port is inverted and needs to be “hacked” to work with the Flip32 F4 FC on UART 3 or UART 6.

Remove the heatshrink and solder a wire to the marked position in the picture. Fix it with a small piece of glue and re-cover the RX with heatshrink. This wire will be soldered to the FC in Step 2.

Step 2 – Solder the XSR S.Port to the FC

Now that we have fixed the XSR S.Port inversion you need to solder your S.Port wire to the FC. This should be no problem at all. I have added a picture to illustrate where to find the port.


Step 3 – Solder the VTX to the FC

Now we can solder the VTX Port to the FC. Regardless of the VTX the Pin used on the FC is the same (UART 6 TX). If you are using a Immersion RC Tramp, you need to use the Pin called “T” and if your are using the TBS Unify Pro you need to use the Pin “A”.

Just connect this Pin with UART 6 TX and we are done with the soldering work.

Step 4 – Prepare your Flight Controler Software

A. Upgrade to Betaflight 3.1.5 or higher

If you are at the knowledge level using this feature doing the firmware upgrade might be no problem for you. I have added this step for those new to the hobby, wanting the latest features from the start on.

Go to the “Firmware” Tab in the Betaflight Configurator and select your FC, select a Firmware equal or higher to 3.1.5 and follow the flashing advices on the screen.

B. Take care of the settings

Now reboot your FC, set the ports in the “Ports” tab and configure the features in the “Configuration” tab. Please not that if your XSR is allready configured the order you do this steps is irrelevant. If your XSR is not set yet, you should do the ports activation and Receiver / Modes Configuration first.

(OPTIONAL) Activate your VBAT Monitoring
Activate your Telemetry Slider
Configure your ports

Step 5 – Setup your Radio

I really want to keep this part short. There is a great work to find on “Copterjungle.de”. Unfortunately this blog entry has been written in german and i will summarize a translation this weekend.

Betaflight PIDs und Unify Pro über FrSky Taranis einstellen

Step 6 – Have fun with it

Just enjoy that awsome feature! I think this is one of the most helpfull things for flying with friends, again a great big awesome thank you to the Betaflight / OpenTX programmers.

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